Save 10% on your FULL VIVARIUM build now! Building Vivariums to meet the complex needs of reptiles is not easy. The build MUST be done properly which is where we come in. Contact us now for a Quote!

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At WE BUILD VIVARIUMS, our vivariums are designed to meet the specific demands of your reptiles first, but our flexible approach will ensure it meets your needs in your home too! No matter how big, we can create the perfect home for your pets. Based in Carmarthen but operating nationally, we provide a personal, flexible and professional service, offering a tailored package to each client that turns their initial vision into one that meets you and your reptiles needs. Our vivarium services are sure to delight and impress you in equal measure. Call us on 07501218891 to discuss your personal vivarium plan today.

Why Our Vivarium Services

With years of experience in Carpentry, vivarium design and the meticulous caring and keeping of reptiles, you can count on us to get the job done right to meet your pets needs. We have the passion, drive, experience and knowledge required to be the vivarium specialists we are. Using locally sourced materials whether recycled or new, and with access to the cheapest vivarium NON TOXIC (animal safe) products out there we can save you considerable money while providing you with a professional and friendly service that ensures your reptiles are happy for years to come.

Our Outstanding Vivarium Knowledge

Reptiles are cold blood complex beings. They required a number of environmental factors to be right in order for them to survive never mind thrive. Iguanas for example, come from hot humid places such as South and middle America and so require very warm humid air. They sometimes can be found on the floor having fallen out of tall trees when temperatures plummet so creating the right environment for them is so important if you want to properly care for their needs. Reptiles need the right LIGHT / TEMPERATURE(s) / HUMIDITY / SPACE and NUTRIENTS to thrive. Get this wrong and the consequences could be serious from death, stunting growth, respiratory problems, not shedding their skin right, breeding problems and so much more so it is absolutely imperative they have the right conditions in their vivarium. We of course can help with all of this!

What do our services cost?

Have you ever tried buying a "flat pack vivarium" from any UK pet shops? You could spend nearly £500 on the vivarium alone PLUS materials (lights, thermometer, etc.) and only have a small box to home your reptile. The total build could easily come to over £700 if you are not careful! This size vivarium is no where near big enough for certainly our larger reptile friends. Small enclosures can stunt their growth and seriously affect their mental health and general well being. If you are serious about owning a larger reptile then being blunt, it needs to be done properly and that's where we come in. In order to give you a quote we would need to know the size of the space in your home where you want us to build your vivarium. Then we can factor in materials to build the construction, the products needed to create the right atmosphere for your reptile and work with you in terms of the internal design lay out so you have easy access while also ensuring you meet your pets needs. Any yes we will do all of this cheaper than going flat pack while building you something considerably larger. *The example below may be perfect for many reptiles needs but not all. For our larger reptile friends we fear they may quickly outgrow one of these and having done considerable research we can not find any larger than this which is again why we exist, to help bridge the gap between flat pack (which still need building!) and larger reptile needs!


In the full vivarium build we would do everything you need from A-Z. This includes designing the vivarium to specifically fill the designated space in your home, source ALL materials, have them delivered to you in readiness, build the vivarium in your home over a few days, treat the walls accordingly to ensure the build is long lasting, durable and safe from toxins to meet your pets needs. We would take time to build the internal features with plenty of discussions with you to meet your own needs (wheel chair access and such are not a problem), water fall - easy! We will make sure we get the temperatures, humidity, light and space right in a professional slick manner so your pet can spend many long happy years growing into their space. The photos you see on this website show how we built a 10ft tall vivarium for a less than one year old rare blue iguana so he can now thrive for many years to come. The build also has a design feature that enables us to return to the vivarium in time to extend it should the iguana become so big there becomes a need to expand his space. This would all be done to meet the reptiles needs but within your budget. If we can not meet your budget we will say so with gentle advise on whether such a pet may be right for you as we firmly pride ourselves on putting the animals needs first.


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